VETO Best In Show Junior 4

Junior World Winner!!!


our Dutch boys: AALTO Just Weimaraner "Kyle" & DEEP FOREST Just Weimaraner "Sam"

AALTO Just Weimaraner "Kyle"


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KYLE is a good size, very masculine dog with a beautiful head, lovely amber colored eyes and an excited and free movement. His proportions are very good! KYLE has a deep chest, is strong boned, has a fantastic topline and excellent muscels. His character is extraorinary: Kyle is very proud with a lot of self-confident but he is also very friendly, social and balanced. This makes him very elegant with a noble attitude. KYLE has a huge will-to-please and it is fantastic to work with him! He’s a brilliant, versatile hunter, who is very passionated. Kyle is always reliable, very serious and precise, he points very well and his nose is very very strong. KYLE is a very good retriever – on earth but also in water, which is one of his favorite elements. In case of Kyle’s excellent hunting skills he has another passion – blood tracking. During Kyle's very 1st FT blood tracking season (spring 2013) he was incredible succesful. He had 3 starts and received 3 times high qualifications. The first one was a very good but when he had his 2nd trial he received resCACT and in the 3rd trial he received CACT. With these results Kyle was the most succesful pointing dog in this speciality (in spring'13) and one of the 3 Weimaraners in the NL who received a CACT. In autumn season'13 Kyle started in the same succesful way like in spring'13. He is, together with DEEP FOREST Just Weimaraner "Sam", the only Weimaraner in history of the Netherlands, who received a qualification on a blood tracking C (500m/40-44hours). Futher more Kyle is the only Weimaraner in the Netherlands who received 3 times the qualification excellent.


Text and photos: Melanie Heimberger

DEEP FOREST Just Weimaraner "SAM"

sire: MultiCh MR PRESIDENT Imperium Star "Clifford"
dam: Ch IRON ETNA Imperium Star "Etna"

ur./born 20.10.2010

owner/właściciel: Mel Heimberger

DNA profiled
complete and correct scissor bite


* TOP #1 Weimaraner blood tracking NL'14
* TOP #5 gun dog - all breeds - blood tracking NL'14
* FCI Working Certificate
* Multi Winner
* Multi Excellent
* Zw-F I.merit
* Zw-E I.merit
* Zw-C I.merit
* SWD III.merit (Verband Schweissprüfung NL)
"The 1st and only Weimaraner who passed this test in The Netherlands"
* Special Water test (Wa)
* Sv
* KNJV B diplom (3rd place out of 55 dogs)
* KNJV C diplom (2nd place out of 36 dogs)
* Approved Working Dog of the Dutch Weimaraner Club
* Selected for the GPJC Coldewey (a 2 days pentathlon for the 24 best all round pointing dogs)
* Practical hunter - used for all hunting diciplines
* Sichtlaut / Spurlaut (not confirmed by certificate)

The pedigree of SAM combines some of the best representatives of the breed coming from American, Australian and Brazilien breeding kennels. On his Dam’s side, it is the same like his half brother Kyle, there is a male who you do not have to introduce to lovers of the breed -ASHLAREN Caipiroska “Oska”, coming from an Australian breeding kennel. During his stay in Poland (2006-2008) he conquered the European show rings, thus becoming one of the most recognised Weimaraners in recent years. The pedigree of the Sire “Clifford” combines some of the best Weimaraner lines. He’s the grandson of the two exceptional dogs Multi CH, National BOB Winner'05, Top producing sire'05 Nani's Indecent Exposure and Multi CH, World Winner' 01 Nani's James Robert.


The big passion of Sam is hunting!!! He is an excellent and versatile hunter. He is very passionated, always reliable and he has a fantastic nose. Sam's speciality is blood tracking and practical hunting where he is doing an incredible job. Sam is a very succesful boy in blood tracking. During his very 1st FT blood tracking season (spring 2013) Sam was - beside Kyle - one of the most successful pointing dogs. There were only 2 pointing dogs in this speciality who received 3 qualifications in a row (Kyle & Sam). The autumn FT season' 13 started in the same successful way like spring season. Sam is, together with our boy Kyle, the only Weimaraner in history of the Netherlands, who received a qualification on a blood tracking C (500m/40-44hours). Further more, Sam was the WINNER OF DAY during this track and only 1 week later, Sam fixed it again and won for the 2nd time in row the titel WINNER OF THE DAY. In spring FT season'14 Sam starts in the same succesful way as he ended 2013. After passing his special water work exam Sam has written Weimaraner history in the Netherlands. During a C-track Sam received CACT and was WINNER OF THE DAY. He is the 1st Weimaraner in the Netherlands who received a CACT on a track like this.



1.4.2017: Sam and Melanie were at country estate Staverden (NL) in order to complete their registration for the non profit foundation blood tracking dogs of the Netherlands, called Stichting Zweethonden Nederland (SZN).
As expected, Sam has shown excellent work on natural track and also during his work at big game.
Sam has completed his exam in a fantastic way with full scores and huge compliments.
Also Melanie completed her exam with full scores.
Sam & Mel are now a certified team of the Netherlands and they are having a place on the National list of blood tracking of the Netherlands.
We can proudly announce that Sam is the very first Weimaraner SH, who is placed on this list, beside all specialists like Teckel, BGS, HS and others.

Text and photos: Mel Heimberger

FIRST CHOICE Just Weimaraner "NOA"

sire: Weimaranus MOON OVER BROADWAY
dam: IRON ETNA Imperium Star

owner: Willy Groen

NL Champion


13-15.10.2017 CACIB Dortmund (D)

ex 1, Anw. Dt. Ch. VDH


18.3.2017 CACIB Hazerswoude (NL)

Judge: Mrs Dorota Witkowska (PL)

/open class/: ex 1, rCAC, CACIB

1.6.2016 Club Show Weimaraner (NL)
Judge: Mr Axel Linneweber (Germany)
/interm. class/:
ex 1/6

11.4.2016 CACIB Utrecht (NL)

judge: Annette Bystrup (DK)
ex 1/6 & Junior Winner

7.11.2015 CACIB Bleiswijk (NL)
judge: Mr Jean-Pierre Achtergael (B)
ex 1, rCAC & rCACIB

7.6.2015 CACIB OSS (NL)
judge Mr J. de Cuyper (B)
ex 1, rCAC

25.6.2017: Fantastic news from CACIB Genk (Belgium)!
NL Ch FIRST CHOICE Just Weimaraner "NOA" (champion class): ex 1/2, CAC, CACIB, BOB & res BIG!
Huge congrats and thank you Willy